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This site is dedicated to the Maxscape dynamic web application server. It offers information and news about design, maintenance and presentation of multimedia content, dynamic web programming and gives an introduction to the Maxscape platform.

What is Maxscape?

Maxscape is an operation system for web programming, content management and presentation. It implements the functionality to develop, implement, manage and deliver sophisticated dynamic multimedia content.

The system comprises runtime, as well as development and maintainance parts. Various programs, components and modules are integrated into a platform to implement the generic features of a web development and application server.

Who is does research in server operation software, content management and application programming for private and global networks. Inspired by the possibilities of computer networking, especially the internet, a group of people has worked together on several projects. The idea of an operating system for web servers was born in 1995, as the need for operation software and a generic server API, became apparent. Since then, was an alternating number of people developing and selling Maxscape and projects based on it.

Maxscape 4.00 Beta Build

Maxscape 4.00 beta has been integrated and built successfully. Upgraded packages are e.g.:

  • Linux OS
  • Openssl, Apache, Mysql
  • Perl and CPAN modules News is now hosted on a new server, as the old hardware has crashed, after being online for 10 years.

So, here you find just a test page.